Here in the offshore waters of the lowcountry lurks the Cobia. The cobia fish is a highly sought after gamefish commonly found in the waters off of North Carolina, Georgia, and South Carolina. This species typically resembles a remora but don’t mistake it; the cobia is an anglers treat. If your catch of the day is cobia or you find it at the local fish market, what way is best for cooking cobia?

First and foremost, why are cooking cobia fillets so popular?

A fillet of a cobia is very white. When cooked, it flakes apart very readily. It can book cooked in a multitude of ways because it is not high in fat or oily.

What are some of the most common ways for cooking cobia?

1. Baked Cobia

One of the easiest ways to cook a fresh cobia fillet is to bake it here in the lowcountry. You and your guests will thoroughly enjoy a parmesan baked cobia. It includes the favorite ingredients of most and is easy to prepare. Simply heat the oven to 375 degrees while coating the fillets in egg before a cheesy breadcrumb mix. Place them in the oven for up to twenty minutes but test to make sure they are not overdone along the way.  Give this one a shot if you’re looking for something different.

2. Blackened Cobia 

Blackening seasoning is one of the most common ways to prepare fish in the south. What is great about seasoning cobia or any fillet for that matter is that it can be cooked in many ways. The fish can be grilled, baked, or panfried. Add your favorite vegetables on the side with some tartar sauce to dip the fresh catch.

3. Smoked Cobia 

Probably one of the most challenging, to be honest, is smoking a cobia fillet. Smoking can be done on an everyday grill or an expensive smoker. The key is to regulate temperature no matter what type of device you use to smoke it. The flavor will be rich in smoke but notice the undertones of flaky white cobia fillet.

4.     Fried

The reality of it is, any fish tastes good when fried. With that being said, the most highly sought after fish like cobia because of its texture and taste will be even better. Coat the fillets or chunks in flour, coat them in egg, and toss in breadcrumbs or panko. Here is a tip, season the flour with your favorite tastes before pan-frying or deep frying. 

 5. Grilling Cobia 

 The grill is one of the healthiest ways to cook fish. Remember that fish fillets are delicate and are easily overdone. Season the cobia with your favorite flavors before slapping them on a well-heated grill. The combination of seasonings and a firey grilled flavor is hard to beat. Slap this recipe on the grill.

6. Bacon Wrapped Cobia

Well, let’s say you’re looking to move away from the diet for a day, which is perfectly ok! Anything tastes amazing when it’s wrapped in bacon, right? To put it simply, yes. Wrap the fillets in bacon and pan sear them off. The dreaded word, but yes, fat will leave the inside more flavorful than you could have ever imagined. Up for an excellent bacon-wrapped cobia recipe, try this.

7. Roasted Cobia

When we hear the word roasted, we think of a pot roast Yes, roasted fish is much like a roasted pot roast but in a much shorter period. Cobia fillets cook much quicker, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include your favorite pot roast ingredients. Ensure the sides are done enough before roasting off the fish; the last thing you want is a dry fillet.

8. Broiled Cobia

Broiling anything means high temperatures. Broiled fish is a favorite for most fish eaters because they don’t have to go outside to grill it, and they don’t have to take the time to bread it before frying. Add the seasonings of choice while heating the broiler to 450 degrees. Flip the fillets halfway through cooking but avoid overdoing it because it will be quick. 

The next time you catch or shop at your local seafood market and have cobia available, try out one or more of these great ways to prepare it. Cooking should be made simple because, more often than not, simple is better. You and your family will love a fresh cobia fillet prepared in a multitude of ways!