Boat cleaning wipes can make cleaning up around the boat much easier. The wipes usually come in an easy to use container and can save you from having to carry around a cleaning spray and a rag. Another great feature is the boat cleaning wipes container tends to float for a few seconds if they happen to fall off the side. Can’t say the same for the bottle of cleaning solution!

We put together our favorite boat cleaning wipes, keeping in mind that these may be for your own boat or for a rental boat that you are using. Take a look and happy cleaning!

Best Overall: Better Boat Cleaner Wipes with UV Marine Boat Vinyl and Boat Seat Cleaner and Protectant

At the top of our list is the Better Boat Cleaner Wipes. These are a great choice for fast and easy cleaning and they have an added bonus of UV Protection.

You can use the Boat Cleaner wipes on a varitey of surfaces from plastic, to marine leather to vinly and even an awning. You won’t need to bring a towel or sponge around with you and you can just throw these away when you are finished.

The UV protection will help things like fiberglass vinyl, plastic, and leather from cracking with all that exposure to the sun. We have used them on steering wheels as well to make sure that they are protected and will hold up over time.

Some cleaners leave a residue on the surfaces of your boat, and that can be not very pleasant. Luckily with the Better Boat Cleaning Wipes, this doesn’t seem to be the case. What happened to us when we started using this wipe is that we ended up using it on the car and the golf cart as well. It’s functional, affordable, and a great product.

Easy to use, requires no spongeWill need to throw away after use
Can use on a variety of surfaces
Fairly priced
Has UV Protection included as well

Best Value Boat Cleaning Wipes: Tub O Towels

Next on our list is a value option that works really well on boats and lots of other things you may need to clean. The reason the Tub O Towels seems to be priced lower is that it is not directly marketed as a boat cleaning wipe.

The Tub O Towels comes with 90 wipes total. Depending on how much cleaning you are doing this could last you quite some time. The towels themselves give you 10″ x 12″ to work with. Certainly this is a bit better than trying to work with a box of kleenex that some manucafteres call cleaning wipes.

These towels are quite strong and will work on things like great, wax, scuff, food and drink and more. You certainly don’t need to use the Tub O Towels only when cleaning your boat, these are great in the car and around the house as well.

Easy to use, requires no spongeWill need to throw away after use
Can use on a variety of surfaces
Fairly priced
Has UV Protection included as well

Best Boat Wipes For Cleaning Rails: Armor All Rail Wipes

Armor all is known for it’s speciality cleaning products when it comes to both boats and cars. We found these wipes to be very useful when trying to do some detail work on railings. For an everyday cleaner we would go with a different option.

The Armor All product works to clean, wax and protect the railings on the boat. These things do a great job of removing water spots and salt. If you are having a hard time getting the railings to look great for a showing or if you have OCD about your boat like we do, you will really like this product.

You can use the Armor All wipes on metal fittings as well. It does a nice job of restoring and protecting. Of course as with most Armor All products you tend to pay a bit extra but if the railings on your boat are the main reason you are shopping for wipes this is a good choice.

Easy to use, requires no sponge or ragNot a great overall cleaner, use on railings and metal
Very good at cleaning railings
Can be used on metal fittings
Does a great job on water spots and salt

Best Boat Wipes To Clean and Protect Vinyl and Rubber: 303 UV Protectant Wipes

The first thing we should mention about the 303 Wipes is that they are available in many different materials and makeups. If you happen to like a liquid cleaner over the wipes or towlettes then you will be pleasantly surprised by all the options that you can get the 303 in.

Since we are talking about boat wipes we reviewed their 40 wipe container. These wipes are UV Protectant and cleaning wipes. They work really well on vinyl and rubber surfaces. You do not want to use these on canvas or flooring.

The nice thing about the 303 is that you won’t have to rinse it and it leave a very dry and clean finish. These wipes have no smell to them and they are water based and really safe to use. Protecting surfaces on your boat from UV rays is really important but so is cleaning. It’s a nice feature that the 303 clean dust and stains while you are using them and then repels against them when you are done.

Mostly for UV ProtectionWill need to throw away after use
Protects and cleans at the same timeDon’t use on canvas or flooring
Leaves and dry matte finish
Does a good job on vinyl and rubber

Frequently Asked Questions

As you may notice the title of this post is the best boat cleaning wipes for your boat or a boat rental. Why would anyone want to clean a boat rental?

In today’s world, it’s important to keep things as clean as possible for you and your family. Wiping the boat down the same way you would a hotel room or a rental car is a smart idea. The problem is that if you don’t use the correct type of wipe you could do damage to the boat itself.

Here are a few other questions that we have had about the best boat cleaning wipes on the market.

Can I Use Bleach To Clean My Boat?

Yes, bleach is an acceptable cleaner to use on a boat. Bleach does a great job of combating mold and mildew issues as well. Make sure that you are wearing boots and some clothing you don’t care about ruining if you start cleaning your boat with bleach.

Do Cleaning Wipes Work As Well As A Rag And Cleaner?

This question all depends on the cleaning wipes you purchase and the rag and cleaner you are using. Most of the time the wipes are just as effective. For a personal boat owner a tub of wipes can get you through a season of cleaning and detailing your boat.

For a crew on a larger yacht the cleaning wipes will be ineffective and you will go through them too fast.

Why Do Some Boat Cleaning Wipes Contain A UV Protector?

There is no question that your boat is going to be exposed to the suns rays for long periods of time. Over the course of several months (or years), depending on where you live you will notice that certain materials can fade or break down.

Using a UV Protectant is basically like a sunscreen for your boat. You can use these products to make sure that the finishes and quality of the material remain in great shape for years to come.


Boat cleaning wipes are hand tools to have around. If you own a boat and you want a quick and straightforward cleaning job or need to do a bit of detailing work, the boat cleaning wipe is a great choice. If you are renting a boat and want to make sure it is in good clean condition for your family, you can use boat cleaning wipes to make sure you don’t harm any of the boat surfaces, but you get them cleaned at the same time.